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Discover our Hyacinth period panties, suitable for all body types, respectful of the body and the environment. 


Period panties

Discover our Hyacinth menstrual panties, suitable for all body types, respectful of the body and the environment. During your period, wear your period panties without adding additional protection and you will be dry for 8 to 12 hours on average.

– Absorbent and odorless

– Comfortable and leak-free

– Four waterproof and breathable layers

– Respectful of the environment and the body

– Absorption capacity of 12 hours on average

We have selected fabrics that are at the same time very absorbent, breathable, healthy, comfortable and fine. You won’t feel like you’re wearing a diaper, but completely normal panties.

– Thanks to the multiple layers of fabrics, you will be dry and you will not have an awkward feeling.

– Our panties are not only suitable for the menstrual cycle, but also for urine leakage.

– Wear your period panties at work, while sleeping, with loved ones, etc. without ever worrying about leaks again.

Absorption capacity:

It will depend on the flow of each as well as the day of the cycle. On average, they can be worn for 12 hours.


After your period day, just rinse your panties in cold water and put them in the machine at 30 ° C or finish washing them by hand with soap. The maintenance is identical to your other underwear. No dryer and no fabric softener!

Good to know:

Respects sensitive skin

Does not prevent breathing of the skin

Great absorption capacity

Respects ecology

Washing instruction:

Machine washable

No dry cleaning

No bleach

No tumble dryer

No ironing

Environmentally friendly:

Menstrual panties are the most ecological sanitary protection. They can be kept for a long time, which limits the use of plastics in everyday life (e.g. applicator and packaging for tampons or sanitary towels). In addition, their design uses mainly organic materials (cotton, bamboo fibre, etc.).

According to some studies, over the course of a woman’s life, the waste from menstrual cycle sanitary protection would represent nearly 150 kg of waste.

Peace of mind and comfort :

Thanks to its absorption capacity, the menstrual panty has become the best and most reassuring sanitary protection.

Designed to absorb the flow thanks to organic materials (cotton, bamboo), this intimate protection allows you to live your cycle in complete serenity.

Comfortable, the menstrual panties adapt to the morphology which can sometimes change due to the bloating that menstrual periods can cause. Between cramps, pain and fatigue, it is better to feel as comfortable as possible.

For all those who find it difficult to insert something into their vagina, the menstrual panties are the perfect solution to avoid these inconveniences during a period that is already hard enough to live with.

Good for body control:

The fact that you no longer have tampons allows you to better learn to control your perineum, which is what we call “the practice of free instinctive flow” (retaining the flow naturally). Psychologically, this practice allows you to feel more in control of your body and therefore to be more peaceful in your mind.


Some menstrual protection is made with chemical processes and treatments that, once in contact with the mucous membranes, disturb the endocrine system. Menstrual panties are therefore a healthier way to take care of your hormonal balance.


Of course, the purchase of menstrual panties is a real investment, at the time much more expensive than a box of periodical protection, however the return on this investment is very fast. A menstrual panties can be worn and remains effective during approximately 3 years, made the calculation, you will quickly note that it is about an intelligent purchase.

The bottom line:

Ecology and economy are our main concerns for the future. In addition to enjoying comfort, serenity and respect for the body, the menstrual panties are a real ally, a winning combo on all levels.

Additional information


10, 12, 14, 16, 6, 8


Black, Blue


95% Bamboo fiber + 5% Spandex

Absorption capacity



One pantie, Pack of 2 panties

5 reviews for Hyacinth

  1. “Pauline Jones”

    Lack of choice, too bad. Otherwise the panties are top, of course there are prettier but in terms of comfort it’s still nice.

  2. “Louise Mashembo”

    Well, the panties are comfortable, that’s the main thing.

  3. “Lisa Hill”

    I am satisfied with the quality and price of these panties. She is doing well and is pleasant.

  4. “Denise mc carron”

    Excellent, I recommend!

  5. “Ann Spencer”

    I wanted to test the bamboo fiber, I’m relatively satisfied, the panties lack a bit of sexiness lol.

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Discover our Hyacinth period panties, suitable for all body types, respectful of the body and the environment. 

(5 customer reviews)