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Endowarm Belt

(5 customer reviews)

Our Endowarm belt relieves endometriosis by diffusing pleasant warmth in the stomach that will instantly soothe you.


Heating belt: endometriosis

Endowarm provides a pleasant warmth to the belly that will instantly soothe you. The heat promotes blood flow, which in turn facilitates the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. The pain relief from menstrual cramps through heat therapy has long been a well-known remedy.

Massaging belt: menstrual pain.

In addition to heat, Endowarm massages you with its vibrations to alleviate your pain. The combination of heat and vibrations allows for better management of the symptoms. The calming effect helps you to perform your daily tasks without being hindered by pain.

Suitable for all women:

This belt is adjustable to all body types to ensure optimal comfort.

     • Heats up in 10 seconds.
     • Portable and can be used anywhere.
     • Cordless (USB rechargeable).
     • Adjustable up to 2.3 ft.
     • 3 temperatures: 113, 131 and 149 °F.


Useful information:

Not all women have the opportunity or desire to undergo surgery to relieve their symptoms. Fortunately, there are several natural solutions that can help reduce pain and promote relaxation:

     • Applying heat or cold to painful areas; heating belt, hot water bottle, etc.

     • Drinking herbal teas such as yarrow, using essential oils, natural creams…

     • Meditation, hypnosis, osteopathic massages, physiotherapy, sophrology, acupuncture, etc.

     • Adapting your diet and lifestyle; avoiding inflammatory foods, respecting the sleep cycle.

Additional information






3 vibration modes

Product's type

Massage / Heated


CE standard


113°F / 131°F / 149°F


Pink, White


1, 2

5 reviews for Endowarm Belt

  1. “Kelly Strauss”

    The belt works well, the heat relieves a lot.

  2. “Jane Hugh”

    The belt works well, the heat is pleasant.

  3. “Sally McDonalds”

    Great, I can even work with it, it’s super discreet and it really relieves, I recommend.

  4. “Amanda Keller”

    Good quality belt, easy to carry, the heat is very pleasant, the modes of vibration are however superfluous.

  5. “Margaret Potter”

    Top, the belt is of good quality and comfortable to wear.

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Endowarm Belt

Our Endowarm belt relieves endometriosis by diffusing pleasant warmth in the stomach that will instantly soothe you.

(5 customer reviews)